Online Casinos

Are Online Casinos Rigged

This is a pretty common questioned asked by many gamblers online. Is the online casinos rigged? No, they are just like land-based casinos with random number generators. Depending on the machine you play, what time of day, and what day you play is more a factor on if you are going to win. There has been a player who won several million on a very small bet, but just hit it at the right time. It could appear rigged if you are always loosing but that happens in land based casinos as well.

I have personal had a run of wins at online casinos where it seemed for many hours I could not lose. When it was all said and done I was up over 170k in winnings. Microgaming casinos have the best odds of winning, where other casinos maybe have tighter payout percentages. This is more of a factor than rigged casinos. In the early stages of online casinos there were some bad groups out there that made it impossible for the players to win, but that isn’t the case anymore. Those gambling establishments did not survive. You might increase your odds of winning by playing at a casino for a long period of time. Jumping from one casino to another does not increase odds of winning and I found it actually reduces your odds.

Most online casinos do provide data on their personal payout ratios. Some games also payout better than other games. As with all gambling, it is a form of entertainment and only gamble what you can afford to lose. It’s like the lottery, some are going to win and some are going to lose. Hopefully you are one of those lucky winners at the online casinos, as they do have many players that have won large amounts.