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What makes a casino the best online casino? We have played at several online casinos to evaluate the overall experience at different casinos. What we found was there is a difference between online casinos using the same online casino software. We rated Microgaming casinos as the overall best since for a number of reason. First of all they do have the most casino games that any other online casino software, second is the fair gaming which is audited every month, third is they have the quickest payouts, which is extremely important to most players. Now to figure out which is the best online casino, well due to the fact they have the best customer service, excellent promotions including loyalty points plus special promotions each month, and free gifts during holidays we consider Lucky Nugget the best online casino. They have online since 1997 and right now they have a excellent online casino bonus of $1000 no deposit required. Not to mention they have had more progressive winnings than most all other online casinos. Join today andĀ for excellent online casino experience.