Free Casino Promotions

Free Casino Bonuses

Free casinos are known to give jaw dropping bonuses. That explains why they command a great number of fans. The amount of bonuses given varies from one casino to another. A bonus is free money. Most people looking for online gambling sites choose to sign up on the site with the highest bonus. Bonuses offered on free casinos are meant to promote the site.

There are several ways of earning a bonus. It all depends on where you can earn it. Free casinos may choose to place bonuses on specific games or specific levels in the games. In the scenario where a bonus is given once you get to a specific level of a game, players will be attracted to get to the next level and earn the bonus.

Free bonus enables players to familiarize themselves with games that the casino has to offer without the fear of losing their money. One can try out daring bets or even choose to upgrade to paid games. Bonuses or free casino cash is can also be given as a token for trying out new games placed on the site. In short they are given out at the sole discretion of the free casinos.

No Deposit Microgaming Casinos

Microgaming online casinos have some of the best casino promotions with the largest amounts being given away. The no deposit microgaming casinos are extremely fair about how they play out so that gamblers can actually win money for free. Other types of casinos sometimes make it nearly impossible to ever cash out winnings and it you play progressive casino games and happen to win you wont be allowed to collect. Where as most Microgaming, if not all will allow you to claim a large progressive jackpot on a no deposit casino bonus if you do win.

Free Play Casinos

Microgaming introduced the “free play online casinos” a couple years ago giving players bigger no deposit bonuses to play the casino games. While the amount you can win by playing the free play bonus is limited it does create a amazing free gaming experience. To collect winnings from free play online casinos a player is required to make a small purchase. This is a common requirement at most online casinos as the casinos give the bonuses the player does enjoy the casino and will continue to play, this is to verify the player does have ability to purchase. Free play online casinos powered by Microgaming are noted for being trustworthy giving players fast payouts.